About us

The Kenya Embassy in Cairo is one of the earliest missions which were created after Kenya attained her Independence on 12 December 1963. The Mission was inaugurated in 1965 with His Excellency Mr. Henry N. Mulli being its first Ambassador. Currently, H.E Otieno Joff Makowenga is the official representative of H.E President Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta in Egypt. The Ambassador is articulated to the Kenyan Government for all aspects of the relationship between Kenya and countries of accreditation.

The Ambassador, who is based in Cairo, ensures that Kenyan policies and views are explained to the Egyptian Government and its people. He also conveys Egyptian policies to the Kenyan Government. The other equally important objective of the Mission is to promote and protect the image and interest of Kenya and Kenyans living in its area of accreditation. The Mission is accredited to Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Eritrea and Jordan.

The Mission is made up of a number of key sections or departments as briefly outlined.
  • The Political Section is responsible for maintaining and strengthening the cordial political relationships that exist between Kenya and the countries of accreditation for the mutual benefit of our peoples. Kenya is therefore committed to a strong partnership between her and the countries to which we are accredited to.
  • The Consular Section provides consular services including issuance of Kenyan passports. This section is responsible for providing visa and entry clearance services to Egyptians and any other foreigners wishing to travel to the Kenya.
  • The Commercial Section has the responsibility of developing and enhancing trade and investment between Kenya and the countries of accreditation, as well as ensuring promotion of strong business relations.
  • The Administration Section is responsible for all personnel, financial, and administrative services and resources and provides support to all other sections. 
Past and present Ambassadors to Egypt
1 H.E. Mr. Henry N. Mulli 1965 - 1968
2 H.E. Mr. Japheth K. Ilako 1968 - 1970
3 H.E. Mr. Farid M. A. Hinawy 1970 - 1973
4 H.E. Mr. Omar A. Fakih 1973 - 1977
5 H. E. Mr. Raphael M Kiilu 1977 - 1984
6 H.E. Mr. Ochieng Adala 1984 - 1988
7 H.E. Mr. Ali M. Abdi 1988 - 1996
8 H.E. Mr. Mohamed M. Maalim 1996 - 2003
9 H.E. Ms. Mary D. Odinga 2003 - 2006
10 H.E. Daniel O. Makdwallo 2006 - 2010
11 H.E. Dave O. Arunga

2010 - 2014

12 H.E. Otieno Joff Makowenga

2015 to date