Kenya Citizenship and Travel Documents (Passports)

The Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act, 2011, which implements Chapter 3 of the constitution, commenced on 30th August 2011 effectively repealing the Kenya Citizenship Act Cap. 170, the Immigration Act Cap. 172 and the Aliens Restriction Act Cap.173 Laws of Kenya.

A person born of a Kenya parent irrespective of the place of birth automatically becomes a citizen of Kenya by birth.

The constitution confers automatic recognition of the persons holding citizenship of other countries as citizens of Kenya by birth so long as they are able to prove parentage as a fore stated (national Identification Cards, Passports).

Kenya citizens by birth who wish to hold citizenship of other countries which do not allow dual citizenship may voluntarily renounce and would be entitled upon application to regain their Kenyan Citizenship.

Kenyan citizens by birth who ceased to be citizens of Kenya by voluntarily acquiring the citizenship of other countries and renouncing the citizenship of Kenya in accordance with the repealed Constitution may regain citizenship UPON APPLICATION in the prescribed manner.

The person who enjoyed dual citizenship but who by virtue of the repealed Constitution renounced or lost their Kenya citizenship upon attainment of the age of twenty three (23) years would automatically be deemed citizens by birth.

Further, you are informed that the necessary application forms are available for those who may have lost their citizenship status as stated in paragraph 4 above in order to fill and regain Kenya citizenship. Similarly, the forms for voluntary renunciation are also available for those who may desire to have them.

Forms for regaining Kenya Citizenship endorsement of dual citizenship and declaration of dual citizenship have been uploaded on the immigration website


Kenyan Passport & Travel Documents

General Information

Roll out of e-passport



This is to notify the general public that the Department of Immigration Services has started issuing the e-passport with effect from 1st September 2017. Holders of valid current passports will be allowed to use them for the next two (2) years i.e to 31st August 2019 after which they will be rendered invalid. Please note that the Department will no longer be issuing the current Ordinary, Diplomatic and East African passports. Application for the e-passport is available via

Kenyan passports are available for ten years and are non-renewable. They are not available beyond ten years from the original date of issue. A new passport must be obtained if it contains no further space for visas or for any official changes required like change of name due to marriage.

Passports are valuable documents and should not be altered in any way or allowed to get into possession of unauthorized person. If lost, withdrawn or destroyed the fact and circumstances should be immediately reported to the Kenya Embassy and the local police. Under such circumstances, new passports can only be issued after exhaustive enquiries have been done.

Application for a new passport must be done well in advance, at least 6 MONTHS BEFORE EXPIRY OF THE PASSPORT OR YOUR INTENDED DATE OF TRAVEL.

Application form 19 (Revised 2012) is available from our Consular > Kenya Citizenship and Travel Documents>downloads page 

Photograph guidelines

All passport applications must include 4 identical recent passport photographs.

The quality, style and appearance of passport photographs must meet the standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).  Download ICAO photograph guidelines

Certify the back of one (not both) of the photographs with the words, “I certify that this is a true likeness of (give your full name and title)” and sign and date the endorsement.




The following are required for an application for a passport replacement:-

Two (2) photocopies of present passport, pages 29, 30, 31, 32 and the bio-data page, or equivalent in "B" or "C" series passports.  

Two (2) photocopies of pages with endorsements made by Kenyan authorities,

Two (2) photocopies of the Application form 19 (Revised 2012) with all sections on Page 1 to 3 filled, with e-mail, phone and fax contacts, next of kin details, etc. Fill in your names as they ought to appear on the new passport.

Page 4, which is for official use only, should be sent blank.

Four (4) passport size photographs (showing both ears and facing the camera).

Two (2) copies of the front and back pages of your birth certificate.

In case a change of name is intended please provide Two (2) copies of your marriage certificate or divorce decree (translated into English)

Two (2)  copies of a Deed Poll (if your change of name was not through marriage)

The applicable Passport fee of 900 LE (32 Pages "A" Series Passport)


Two (2) photocopies of pages 29, 30, 31, 32 and the bio-data page of the parents' and Kenyan recommender's current passports, or equivalent in "B" or "C" series passports. 

Two (2) photocopies of pages with endorsements made by Kenyan authorities,

Two (2) photocopies of the Application form 19 (Revised 2012) with all sections on Page 1 to 3 filled, with e-mail, phone and fax contacts, next of kin details, etc. Fill in your names as they ought to appear on the new passport. Page 4, which is for official use only, should be sent blank.

Four (4) passport size

Two (2) copies of the child's and parents' birth certificates. The back page of the certificate is required if it has official endorsements.



Two (2) copies of a Police Report (translated into English)

Two (2) copies of a self-explanatory letter on how the passport got lost (in English/Swahili)

Two (2) copies of a sworn affidavit from a lawyer/notary about how the passport got lost (in English)

ALL the relevant documents and conditions mentioned above


ALL the relevant documents mentioned above at No I are required plus the following:

Two (2) copies of a self-explanatory letter on how the passport got damaged (In English/Swahili).

ALL the relevant documents  and conditions mentioned above



In addition to all the documents mentioned above:

Two (2) copies of marriage certificate (has to be in English) 

Important Notice:

Application Form 19 has to bear the names as they should appear on the Passport.

The Kenyan Government neither acknowledges nor endorses same-sex marriages.

Currently, only Kenyan women are permitted to apply for change of name due to marriage through the Mission.

For further information and details, concatct the immigration website

Emergency Travel Certificate

One-way emergency travel document is issued at a cost of L.E 360 for repatriation to Kenya

Requirements include: an interview at the Embassy; to be scheduled at the earliest, seven days before the confirmed date of flight.

Three (3) passport size photos

Proof of Kenyan citizenship i.e. Kenyan Passport or National Identity Card.

Police Report if passport is lost

Confirmed air ticket



All applicants seeking passports services or Emergency Travel Certificates must personally submit the duly completed application forms at the Embassy.