Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan outlines the goals, objectives, pillars of diplomacy, core priorities and strategies, as well as the institutions and instruments for implementation.This Strategic Plan is anchored on the Strategic Plan (2013-2018) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (MFA & IT) of the Republic of Kenya. The Plan focuses on the strategic priorities of Kenya Mission, Cairo, in Arab Republic of Egypt. Apart from Arab Republic of Egypt, the Mission is accredited to three other countries, namely: Eritrea, Jordan and Tunisia

Kenya Foreign Policy is focused on the promotion and protection of Kenya national interest and image globally. Arising from this overall strategic policy objective are foreign policy priorities namely the promotion of economic interests, the Diaspora agenda, environmental issues, peace and security, good governance and democracy. The national Vision 2030 aims at transforming Kenya into a middle income country by 2030. Under the Vision, economic relations for promotion of Kenya’s trade, investment, tourism, education and technology is so central in shaping and articulating the country’s modern diplomacy.

The Plan, therefore, identifies Kenya’s development agenda and challenges, the role of the Mission in implementing Kenya’s foreign policy priorities, its strategies, coordination framework, capacity, scope, resources, monitoring and evaluation. The Plan covers a period of three years: 2015 – 2018. During the period the Mission will focus its attention and resources to achieving five strategic objectives namely; promoting peace and security, promoting economic cooperation, trade and investment, promoting and safeguarding Kenya’s interests, enhancing Diaspora engagement and consular services and Strengthen institutional capacity. 

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